Tutoring Services 

Our tutoring services are designed to bring out your child's greatest academic potential. With consistent assistance from our tutors and/ or licensed teachers, your child will become confident in their subject area and in return will show great improvement in their studies.

Parents can choose from 1 of 3 tutoring plans for their students. 

Hourly Tutoring: For parents wanting the occasional tutoring they can schedule services by making an appointment. Students are seen as the schedule will allow. These students will receive services with a tutor for one hour per session using traditionally paper, pencil, manipulatives support. These are specific services requested by the parents in order to help the child perform in a specific area. Homework assistance is included under this tutoring plan.

Silver Plan: For parents wanting consistent support for their children. This plan offers the traditional tutoring on a consistent basis. Your child will work with a tutor/ or teacher to complete homework assignment, review for upcoming tests, review graded work, and to improve on those skills presents challenging. This plan does not offer our technology component. Your child will have 2 sessions per week. This plan comes with a $40 discount each month.

Gold Plan: Our Gold Plan is our more intensive plan. Under this plan your child will receive everything included with the Silver Plan in addition to our online technology component. Our online component finds and fixes gaps in your child's learning. With this plan, your child works on multiple skills at a time, all while having fun learning. Your child will have 2 sessions per week, which includes consistent tutoring, homework assistant,skill review, and online learning. This plan comes with with a $40 discount each month.