1. Do I need to tell my district that I'm homeschooling my child?

Typically yes. Most districts require you to send a letter informing them of your intent to homeschooling. However, if you enroll in a Virginia Online Public School like Virginia Virtual Academy where my own children are enrolled, you do not have to inform your district.

2. How long would my child attend your center if we decided to homeschool?

It really depends on you. You can choose from our  2 day, 3 day or 5 day schedule. You also have the option of attending part time (5 hours/day) or extended day (9 hours/day). 

3. What would you do for my child if I am already enrolled in an online program?

Great question. As you may have realized that enrolling in an online program comes with a lot of work on the part of the parent. You take on a lot of the teacher responsibilities in making sure your child completes all his/her assignments and is staying on track. We support that process. Your child would come to us, and we would become the "parent". We check your child's scheduled daily and plan ahead for skills that are usually difficult for students. We pre-teach and reteach your child in addition to his/her online program. We complete progress monitoring so when you come into our center you can see how your child is performing on tests, quizzes and classwork.

4. Will my child have homework if enrolled at your center.

We understand why this might be such an important question. When you are home, you want to spend that time enjoying each other's company and having quality family time. So we work very hard to help your child stay on task to get all of their work done at the center. If for some reason your child falls behind, we may ask that you bring him/her in on a Flex Day to get caught up or to spend an extra hour on a given day.

5. What if I am still trying to decide if I should commit to your center?

Homeschooling is a BIG decision and we want you to make an informed decision and be comfortable with that choice. So we've designed a 2-week Trial period for you to test our services. If you are not convinced after 2 weeks then you can cancel your services, no questions asked. But, we know you're going to love this new way of schooling your child.

6. How much does it cost?

Cost is very important and we want to make our services affordable for all of our interested families. Your cost will depend on the number of days you are enrolled at our center. Your cost could be as low as $20/day. That's less than $8 an hour for our homeschooling families. Our tutoring plans varies from $20-$35/hour depending on the plan you choose.